Coding School

How can be free?

The education model has two distinct prongs that work together to give you a deep and practical understanding of computer science -- the seminars and the teach-to-learn program.

Ever since 2012, we've taught coding classes to kids in San Diego (under the organization ThoughtSTEM). We teach at over 40 schools and have hundreds of students every week. Through the teach-to-learn program, you will teach at these classes; building your own knowledge of computer science skills and benefiting San Diego youth at the same time!

Now, we will pay you for these teach-to-learn sessions. You will pay us a heavily discounted rate for the seminars, which will equal how much you will earn teaching. At the end of the session you will come out even, having received a free, collegiate-level computer science course. Also, by teaching more than the minimum required hours, you'll finish this program with money in your pocket!

It's good for us. It's good for you. And it's good for the San Diego community.

What will I learn?

Each session, offers two or more seminars on that topics you want to learn. We directly survey the community and offer courses specifically designed for the interests and needs of the students!

To see what's coming up next, check out our Seminar page. To add your two cents to future curriculum decisions, Contact Us.

Tell me more about these seminars.

We offer two seminars a week. Each seminar course runs for roughly 10 weeks, meeting once a week for two hours. Seminars are taught in person by our professional teaching staff -- each of whom has hundreds of teaching hours under their belt and direct experience working with a large range of facinating Computer Science topics and technologies!

Computer Science courses of this caliber typically cost over $600. By participating in the teach-to-learn program, you not only enhance your own education, you receive a heavily discouted rate on these courses. This cost is completely covered by your teach-to-learn paychecks!

How does this teach-to-learn program work?

When you are accepted to the program, you will be assigned a once-a-week, hour-long after school program. You will learn teaching techniques, the curriculum, and solidify the concepts you are learning in the seminars by putting them into practice in the classroom. Our teaching team will be your support throughout the program, helping you be the best teacher you can be.

Who can apply?'s goal is to be as accessible as possible. Our requirements for being a part of our program are so small, we can put them on two bullet points!

That's it! What are you waiting for?

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